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The limited company GROMARK was established in 2014 as the independent business activity was already exceeded. Our beginnings date back to the year 1998, when, based on the experience gained in similar work in the industry, we began with an independent activity. From the very beginning, we are dealing with planning and design, and the final result of our work is the supply of printed circuits by order of our customers. The highest attention is paid to the quality of products, resulting in our greatest satisfaction – fulfillment of customer’s requirements.
Due to the fact that we are aware of the fact that the quality of the products depends on the quality of the materials, we pay attention to their choices as much as possible. In doing so, we do not place the raw material purchasing price at the front, but the reputation of the manufacturer that he has acquired over the years. We supply exclusively materials that comply with the most demanding regulations and are internationally recognized.
Together with business partners, we can also offer the supply of printed circuits from the development of prototypes to finished electronics products, including the purchase and installation of all the necessary components for the assembly.
The production of printed circuits, which may be equipped with electronic components, does not end when the products are made, but are subject to a strict inspection of our controllers. Only in this way we can be without worries that our clients will get what they expect from us
GROMARK d.o.o.
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